As conditioning coach to UFC World Champion Conor McGregor I need to make sure that he uses the best equipment out there. I chose the Gerard Force 90 for it's build quality which is second to none. I can trust in the reliability of the bike. The assembly process done by an ex-professional cyclist who knows what he is doing; all bolts tightened, all gears calibrated, brakes adjusted and everything double checked. Nothing is left to chance.
Thanks again Gerard Cycles!
- Dr. Julian Dalby, Team McGregor Conditioning Coach
It is truly amazing. I am not a lot of things on a bike but I can climb. As a result of that and my old ski racing background , I am all about feeling the energy you put in ( whether it's loading up a ski for a turn or a pedal stroke for a climb ) and I have never been on a bike where a stamp on the pedals results in such clean energy transfer . Really impressive.
- Tim McGee
I love this bike! It rides like my new Audi, firm but not too firm; fast, but so smooth. When I apply power to the pedals, it feels like all of that power translates directly through the frame to allow instant acceleration. The components are top notch. Especially the Shimano DI-2. Everything about that bike works to make each ride a pleasure.
- Dave Steiner
Got her good and filthy already...covered in mud and needles... real smooth. love the DI2. when i drop the heels and power on a steeper incline; it seems very responsive and efficient....same with standing up on the hoods ... the guys at bicycle center (3 of them) all were impressed with the look of the bike as am I.

7 days of [California] riding. 629 hard miles. rode 93 2day, 6000 ft. Getting on it quick this year. dude...... Your bike is [amazing]. I have owned 20+ high end bikes. this ... is #1. the steeper the grade, the more noticeable its superiority. descends like a ... bullet. i am mystified. It is wicked. i cant wait to see what happens when i stomp it up Bates in the SB group rides. It really is remarkable
- Bob W.
It's a climbing cougar and descent jaguar ... this bike continues to blow my mind...I really ... really dig the brakes
- Brian W.
Just took my Gerard for a test ride in my neighborhood. She fits me perfectly. Rides like [a] dream. Love the [Di2] shifters.
- Mike O.
John (founder of Gerard Cycles), built my first real road bike 20 years ago. A beautiful, custom fit, fully equipped Dura Ace Colnago. I never knew what a difference individual bike fit can make to comfort and performance. For years I have been afraid to try any other bike, as mine "felt so right." Having recently road tested one of John's new Gerard 90's, I now realize it's time to evolve!
- Tom Henningsgard
I couldn't be more delighted with my purchase. The Gerard Force 90 performs with the same responsiveness and stability as the custom bikes I own. Furthermore, with his extensive expertise in bicycle fitting, John Sheehan helped me to dial in a more powerful (yet still highly comfortable) riding position. The opportunity to ride with John and benefit from his suggestions was an added bonus!
- Amy P.