Heritage &

1989 Nissan Classic: John Sheehan (second wheel) riding for the Irish National Team. Photo: T.J. Carey

A Most Unique Background

Meet John Gerard Sheehan, the visionary force behind Gerard.

Driven by the belief that every cyclist deserves a bike as unique as their journey.

Born in Ireland, with a storied professional racing career, including several World Tour triumphs, John’s unique background is fueled by a passion for precision, personalization, and performance.

In a market saturated with big marketing budgets, John’s dedication to elevating the rider experience goes beyond mere functionality; Gerard forges an emotional connection between rider and machine.

Ride with Gerard and experience road racing at its pinnacle, where each bike embodies the passion and expertise of its visionary founder, John Gerard Sheehan.

Winner Racer and Pro Career

I raced at a very high level and competed against some of the world’s best.

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Discovering Carbon
Fiber was Magic

Racing and winning on some of the first carbon-fiber bike frames made me a complete convert.

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A Wealth of Industry Experience

Learning how to best design and work with carbon fiber was a vital education.

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A Legacy of Coaching

Coaching enables me to pass along what I’ve learned to the next generation.

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The Bike Fit is Critical

Nothing is more important to a rider than a proper bike fit.

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Gerard Cycles is Born

After a fulfilling career in all facets of the bicycle business and a little more than 20 years after I retired from competitive racing, I realized my dream to own a bike company and founded Gerard Cycles in 2013.